Triad Toys Barb Wire 12" Action FigureZoom

Triad Toys Barb Wire 12" Action Figure

Item# Triad-Barb-Wire-Figure
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Triad Toys Barb Wire 12" Action Figure has 35 points of articulation and includes the following: Headsculpt with Japanese Saran Hair, Leather Choker Collar, Leather Jacket with fully functional belts, pockets, inner-lining and frayed lace, Leather Bodysuit, Leather Waistbelt, Leather Pistol Gun Holster, Pistol with Functional Slide and Removable Ammo, Ammo Belt with Removable Rounds, Fishnet Stockings, AK47 Rifle with ATAC Modular Weapons System (includes grenade launcher, scope and removable ammo), Full Metal handcuffs that are fully functional and can open, close and lock, Pair of Leather Arm Sleeves, 3 Pairs of Hands (includes pistol hands, fists, and relaxed poses), and Leather Boots with magnets for use with Triad Bullet Time Stands (not included).
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