McFarlane Spawn 24 Dark Ages i.23 Box SetZoom

McFarlane Spawn 24 Dark Ages i.23 Box Set

Item# McFarlane-Spawn-24-Dark-Ages-i23-Box-Set-PXW456
USD $99.99
McFarlane Spawn 24 The Classic Comic Covers Dark Ages i.23 Box Set features a massive Hellspawn figure on horseback. This piece is an artistic interpretation of the cover of Spawn: The Dark Ages #23 featuring a moody impression of the Lord Covenant Spawn on a huge battle horse with ax. It is 9.75" tall to top of helmet when mounted on horse. It has articulation in the neck, shoulders and waist. The Battle horse is articulated at the neck, tail, three points on each front leg and two points on each rear leg. It includes the accessories of removable battle ax, sword in back-mounted sheath, full armor and shield. The figure also has an alternate head (masked and unmasked). Horse is fully articulated with saddle, reins and removable headpiece.
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