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Stormbringer/Elric! Perils of the Young Kingdoms RPG Book

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Stormbringer/Elric! Perils of the Young Kingdoms RPG Book includes five independent adventures in the world of Elric. each of these adventures explores sites scattered across the world of the Young Kingdoms, revealing marvelous, mysterious, and treacherous locals: a sargasso sea of ruined ships known as the Floating Realm; the Link Machine which slowly mutates the flying race of Myyrhyn; the Storm of Chaos which carries the monstrous legions of Queen Xiombarg hastening the appearance of the Infinite Cathedral of Gormweller the God Seller; the black Fang Island where hideous experiments transform the island dwellers into abomination; Doom Point where a cursed jewel leads to war. A millennium has passed since the great war between the Dharzi and Melniboné. With the fall of the ancient Sorcerers the Melnibonéan Dragon Lords became the undisputed masters of their world and the Bright Empire was born. Far to the north of the Dragon Isle a lesser Melnibonéan lord took refuge within the bowels of the Black Isle. Here they transformed the former laboratory of an Dharzi mage into a magnificent stronghold. The years passed and the Bright Empire began it's inevitable decline into decadence and ruin. The caverns of the Black Isle were finally abandoned. Four hundred fifty years later something dark and malevolent now inhabits Fang Island. Here the natural order of living things are being twisted into abominations. Lord Straasha summons champions to the coast of Takesh bordering the Pale Sea and the unholy domain of forbidden Pan Tang. Visions of bloody waves haunt the dreams of these heroes foretelling a great doom should they fail to heed mighty Straasha's call. Can a handful of heroes stand up to the Darkness that again threatens the Young Kingdoms? Includes the adventures: The Floating Realm The Myyrhn Link; The Fang and the Fountain; Stolen Moments; and The Man Who Sold Gods.

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