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WizKids Smurfs No Smurf Left Behind Board Game

Item# Wizkids-Smurfs-No-Smurf-Left-Behind-Game
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WizKids Smurfs No Smurf Left Behind Board Game features 6 game figures, 25 cards, and a game map.

The Smurfs are trapped in the heart of New York City's Central Park, and the only way back home is through a magic portal that only opens once in a Blue Moon. However, the Smurfs' nemesis, Gargamel, has also found his way to Central Park and has captured Papa Smurf! Now it's up to the rest of the Smurfs to free Papa Smurf from Gargamel's lair and find their way home before Gargamel finds the spells he needs to close the portal forever. Smurfs moves on the board playing the cards. Gargamel moves up to 3 spaces and if he lands to space with Smurfs he bounces them back to start. If all Smurfs escape through the portal before Gargamel finishes his spell they win. Gargamel reveal cards and if he has 3 spell cards the Smurfs have only one more turn of they lose.
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