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The Muppet Show Swedish Kitchen Play Set

Item# Muppets-Swedish-Kitchen-Set-Red-Box
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The Muppets Swedish Chef's kitchen from Palisades. This playset had the most accessories and features, including cupboards with opening doors and drawers, a refrigerator and a stove with many working doors, and a telephone. His articulation includes movement in the neck, ball joint shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, and hips. Swedish Chef's acessories include 2 copper pots with lids, talking muppet cake, wok with lid, tennis racquet, mixer, 3 glass bowls, Sugar sack, jumper cables, cloth towel, Vegetable pile, 2 strings of sausage, Pancake platter, kettle, saw, salt & pepper shakers, muffin shapes, wrench, peanut butter mess cutting board, flour sack, radio, Fire Extinguisher, meat tenderizer, spatula, wooden spoon, ice cube tray, 4 plates, meat cleaver, hanging cheese, hanging ham, and a cutting board with french bread.
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