Marvel Legends Masterworks Fantastic Four #1 Mole Man DisplayZoom

Marvel Legends Masterworks Fantastic Four #1 Mole Man Display

Item# Marvel-Legends-Master-Works-Fantastic-Four-PXW397D
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The Fantastic Four 3D display depicts an underground brawl between the Fantastic Four and the Mole Man. Given the fact that the Mole Man is not known for his hand-to-hand skills, heís unleashed a giant monster, one of the many to which he has access in his subterranean kingdom. The Mole Man is poised tyrannically atop a natural rock staircase. The monster is craggy-skinned and fish-mouthed, equipped with thick powerful talons. In the monsterís left paw he carries a captive Invisible Girl. The Human Torch, in flight, is joined to the base of the set by a resplendent column of red-orange fire. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing, stationed at ground level, try to gain leverage against their behemoth opponent. Package includes the comic book that featured the cover or scene as shown in the diorama. Measures 10.5" tall.

Please Note: Packaging is damaged.
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