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Victory Games James Bond 007 RPG On Her Majesty's Secret Service Set

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Victory Games James Bond 007 Role Playing On Her Majesty's Secret Service Box Set. Four Solitaire Role Playing Adventures.

Now all the excitement and challenge of the James Bond movies and role-playing game are yours, without the need for a Gamemaster. The game system for On Her Majesty's Secret Service goes beyond the traditional solitaire mechanic of just reading paragraphs and thrusts you into the middle of breakneck chases and deadly combats. Through the use of Action Cards and random NPC cards, the danger levels can change from moment to moment matching your character's growth from Rookie to '00'. As you progress, you gain Action Codes that can change the course of the adventure, bringing surprises and thrills you never thought possible with a solitaire game. On Her Majesty's Secret Service contains four complete adventures that can be played individually or linked together, using James Bond or a character of your own creation. As you defeat impossible odds while uncovering the Major Villain's master plan you will encounter deadly traps, fiendish mind control devices, the mysterious and troubled Tracy di Vicenzo, and a few surprise allies and enemies along the way. Can you prevail and save the world, proving that you are one of the best On Her Majesty's Secret Service?

The On Her Majesty's Secret Service Adventure Package contains: 12-page instruction booklet containing rules for playing James Bond 007 solitaire, 84-page paragraph booklet, containing the adventure, a Playmat for keeping track of combats and chases, 63 cut-out markers for use with the Playmat, 49 Action Cards, 30 NPC Cards, and a pad of 20 record sheets.

For Play with the James Bond 007 Basic RPG Game.

Released in 1987.
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