I.C.E. Shadow World The Orgillion Horror RPG ModuleZoom

I.C.E. Shadow World The Orgillion Horror RPG Module

Item# ICE-6006-Shadow-World-Orgillion-Horror-RPG-Module-PXW460
USD $29.99
I.C.E. Shadow World The Orgillion Horror RPG Module includes: The Legacy detailing a haunted house full of secrets and mystery; The Family Treasures describing the magic-filled Orgillion Crypt; The Treasure Seekers of Tytus who search the desert for a mystical object of awesome power, but instead find mind-numbing horror; 3 Area Maps & Views; 5 Detailed Adventure Locations and Layouts; Fully-developed NPCs complete with Rolemaster and Fantasy Hero statistics; 3 Races from beyond this world; An Arcane Society; and A New Spell List. The Orgillion ancestral home housed many unspeakably evil Lords throughout its blood-stained past. All of them died under mysterious circumstances, further testimony to the brooding malevolence of the mansion. Worse is the Orgillion Family Crypt, a labyrinthine mausoleum wherein lies the ancestral wealth of the Orgillion Clan, and many Undead! Surviving adventurers undertake a journey across the mountains into the unforgiving desert, to the Ruins of Nof-Keh, where adventure, terror and madness await.
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