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I.C.E. Shadow World Emer & Master Atlas Addendum Boxed Set

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I.C.E. Shadow World Emer & Master Atlas Addendum Boxed Set is for Rolemaster RPG and was published in 1990.

From amazons to eerie jungle peoples, from wealthy sky-merchants to lost realms in haunted lands, Emer is a large, richly historic continent of wealth and power. Dark forces lurk here as well: a cabal as old as history has been reborn. There are others: the Dragonlord Voriig Kye, the Cult of Stars, and unspeakable creatures lurking beneath the Emerian mountains. The Great Continent holds limitless possibilities for adventure.

Emer Campaign Book includes: An overview of the Emerian Cultures and survey of the Seven Regions. A history of the Masters of Emer. The sky-city of Eidolon Many layouts of cities and holds. Kaitaine, trade capital of the West Adventures to challenge young adventurers and bold lords alike.

Master Atlas Addendum:

The Master Atlas provided the structure for Shadow World. Now the Atlas Addendum reveals more of the inner workings of this contradictory environment. Two sections are devoted to demons and their heirarchies. The Dark Gods of Char´┐Żn are revealed in all their might. Places of power and ancient artifacts are brought to light, as are constructs and lost technology. You'll find more information on magical materials and forging weapons. Read the tale of the Secret Circle, a cult of arcane power that seeks to destroy the Essence itself.

The Master Atlas Addendum includes: A chart covering all races and cultures in Shadow World to date. A giant Encounter Chart New Demons A Glossary and Pronunciation Guide. Artifacts and Places of Essence. New Spell lists, and a section on how Spells are manifested. An expanded Timeline.

Inside this box: The Atlas Addendum Book (96 pages). The EMER Campaign Book (96 pages). A 17″ x 22″ color map of Emer. Color maps of Eidolon (the sky-city), and other cities.
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