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SJG GURPS Space Terradyne Campaign Setting

Item# SJG-6039-GURPS-Space-Terradyne-RPG-Book-PXW466
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SJG GURPS Space Terradyne Campaign Setting is a detailed and realistic setting for exciting near-future roleplaying with GURPS Space. Tame the savagely-awakened terraformed planet of Mars . . . engage in high-powered industrial espionage in Terradyne's sub-lunar headquarters . . . foil smugglers and saboteurs on the mines of Mercury or the moons of Saturn . . . try to survive on an ever more crowded and desperate Earth . . . or help mankind make his first tottering steps towards the starts. With GURPS Terradyne, the whole solar system becomes an adventure setting. GURPS Terradyne includes detailed descriptions of 22nd-century interplanetary society -- technology, government, economics, etc. -- plus maps and descriptions of the important planets and moons of the solar system.
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