Fading Suns Worlds of the Realm Campaign SettingZoom

Fading Suns Worlds of the Realm Campaign Setting

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Fading Suns Worlds of the Realm Campaign Setting is a deluxe, one-volume collection of the Imperial Survey series including the new Imperial Fiefs survey. Emperor Alexius has sent his Questing Knights forth to bring back reports from all quarters of the Known Worlds on the state of his empire. Each survey is a report written by a Questing Knight in a unique voice, and is suitable for both players and gamemasters. Included herein are first-person accounts from the following planets: Hawkwood Fiefs: Ravenna, Delphi, Gwynneth, Leminkainen ; al-Malik Fiefs: Criticorum, Shaprut, Aylon, Istakhr ; Hazat Fiefs: Sutek, Aragon, Vera Cruz, Hira ; Li Halan Fiefs: Kish, Icon, Midian, Rampart ; Decados Fiefs: Severus, Cadavus, Malignatius, Cadiz. And all new Imperial Fiefs: Byzantium Secundus, Tethys, Stigmata, Nowhere ; d20 Rules: Includes creatures from all the survey volumes and new prestige classes: the Duelist, the Free Trader, the Missionary and the Symbiot Hunter. Also: Expanded uses for the Diplomacy skill.
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