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AD&D Dragonlance 5th Edition Heroes of Hope

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AD&D Dragonlance 5th Edition Heroes of Hope features The Crown and the Serpent, an epic journey over land and sea to seek the Crown of Tides in a realm of aquatic elves. But in order to claim the crown, the heroes must first face Brine, the sea dragon lord of Dimernesti. A full-color illustrated poster map chronicles this quest, which parallels that of the heroes of the third Fifth Age novel, The Eve of the Maelstrom, by Jean Rabe. This scenario is Part Four of the Dragons of a New Age cycle, but is also playable on its own. The free peoples of Ansalon are pushed ever back by the might of the Great Dragons and their fell minions. A hero's best weapon in this ongoing struggle is the energy of life itself, the strength of the spirit--the magic of mysticism. Shapechangers, healers, necromancers, mentalists: Mystic heroes come in a broad array of character types and wield a wide spectrum of powers. A detailed sourcebook in Heroes of Hope offers background on these heroes and guidelines for using their powers in the Dragonlance: Fifth Age setting. Chapters cover: Roles for playing Rose Knights, centaur shapechangers, Knights of the Skull, dwarven earth mystics, mystics of the Citadel of Light, shamans, and more. Background on the most important mystic orders in Ansolon today. Overviews of some of Ansalon's mystic lands, including Dimernesti, the magic realm of the sea elves. Optional rules for casting spells that blend the magics of sorcery and mysticism.
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