TSR 9363 Dungeons & Dragons Character & Monster AssortmentZoom

TSR 9363 Dungeons & Dragons Character & Monster Assortment

Item# TSR-9363-Dungeons-Dragons-Character-Monster-Sealed-Assortment-PXC305
USD $89.99
Dungeons & Dragons Character & Monster Sealed Assortment is a whole collection of 3D heroes and their monstrous foes is made available. From now on, easy to assemble hordes of colorful and mysterious creatures will hide behind the Dungeon Master game screen, waiting to surprise unwary players. The Character & Monster supplement brings back the best game pieces offered in your favorite D&D modules, along with a brand new series of standups. You dungeons will never be the same without them. Over 120 3D game pieces; Includes 15 double-wide game pieces for mounted knights, and large monsters like dragons, hydras, manticores, and more; 12 male and female heroes and NPCs; 14 brand new game pieces never yet published; and all this on seven pre-cut and scored color sheets.
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