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Mayfair Games China Rails Board Game

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Mayfair Games China Rails Board Game: For centuries, trade has been a crucial factor of life in China. From the ancient Silk Road to modern ocean trade, the flow of goods and cargo was the very lifeblood of the great Middle Kingdom. Once, bearers traveling on foot or carts pulled by oxen were enough to fulfill the needs of this great society. But the wheel of time cannot stop turning, and thus new means are being called upon to deliver precious goods to the people. Like a river of iron, the tracks of new railroads begin to cross the tremendous distances of the land, stretching from Shanghai to Urumqi, from Qiqihar to Hong Kong, and to every city in between. Shining dragons rush along these tracks, delivering goods as mundane as grain, as exotic as jade. From time to time, these young railroads will be called upon to transfer people: the noble workers or exalted party officials. From Tibet to Taiwan, the needs of the Republic call out to you. With your limited resources, can you construct the most efficient rail network? Can you deliver needed goods more quickly than your competitors? Can you prove to the People and the Party that you, and you alone, deserve to be named the Minister of Railroads? Events and disasters, both natural and man-made, will stand in your way. But if your plan is sound and your tactics are true, you shall overcome them all and claim your victory.
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