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Cheapass Games Fightball Card Game Set

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Cheapass Games Fightball Card Game includes 3 Packs of Fightball containing two 44-card team decks and a 24-card court per pack, everything you need for 2 players. The three team decks are: Aztecs vs. The Dark, Cavaliers vs. Team Sport, and Texas Wildcats vs. The Cruisers. Each individual deck is compatible with and playable against all of the rest.

Game Synopsis: A Fightball game consists of 4 quarters. Each quarter begins with a realtime phase, when both players play their cards as fast as they can into the court. The object is to create a stack with a player, a ball, and a shot, before your opponent can throw enough blockers in the stack. If your numbers add up, your shot succeeds, and whoever scores the most points in four quarters wins the game. Fightball was designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker and illustrated by Eduardo Muller.
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