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Battletech Northwind Highlanders RPG Book

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Battletech Northwind Highlanders RPG Book. Since the distant time when mankind knew only one sky and one sun, soldiers of the proud units that became the Northwind Highlanders have won brilliant victories against often-desperate odds. From small-scale uprisings in ancient Scotland to epic struggles between mighty star empires over countless worlds, the Northwind Highlanders of every generation have added to their forebears' battlefield glory. Fiercely proud warriors, the Highlanders have left their legendary mark on the universe -- and will do so as long as war rages in the Inner Sphere. The Northwind Highlanders is a BattleTech scenario pack that follows the career of this phenomenal unit, from its inception on Earth in the 18th century to the latest battles of the 31st century. Fourteen scenarios drawn from different periods in the Highlanders' distinguished history let players recreate the unit's greatest battles -- beginning with the First Kearny Highlanders' near-fatal first engagement in 2366, all the way up to the year 3059. Also included are a detailed unit history and a complete military roster. Players can use optional rules that reflect the specialties of each Highlander regiment in conjunction with the BattleTech: Field Manuals series to create their own Northwind Highlander scenarios.
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