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Savita Games Antarctica Global WARming Board Game

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Savita Games Antarctica Global WARming Board Game: Global warming has melted the great ice sheets. No Polar caps remain. The oceans are free. Iceberg memories… that's all they are. Gone are the magnificent harbors that once dotted the shores of every land. The waters have risen more than 80 meters. Land is everything! Millions are starving. Fertile plains are no more. The great grain belts of the world have been tightened. Tension runs high yet there is hope. Four rallying hosts prepare in haste. One dominion can save but a few… the race is on. Armies are raised with every man coming forth. Unite and fight… conquer or be lost. Combine your forces, assemble your fleets and breach the storms. Clouds clear for one last stand. The prize is yours Antarctica. The newest feature is Interactive Play Surface which allows storms to move around the game board affecting game pieces with a roll of a dice. The play surface was designed from real GIS data of how the world may look when all the ice caps have melted. The 4 most effected areas of the world were selected. The old coast line is visible under water and the new coast line is used for the playable segments. The main objective is to be the first to take over Antarctica.
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