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TSR AD&D Forgotten Realms Gold & Glory Sourcebook

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TSR AD&D Forgotten Realms Gold & Glory Sourcebook describes the mercenary companies of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The famous and the infamous are detailed within: the Flaming Fist, possibly the most powerful private army on Toril; The Mindulgulph Mercenary Company, certainly the most bizarre; the honorable Bushido, the sly Masquerade, the snobbish Order of the Blue Boar, the hard-fighting She-Wolves, and many more. Many of the companies are brought to life in the 16 full-page full color portraits in this sourcebook. Gaming information, including statistics for Battlesystem Game scenarios, is offered as well. Player characters can adventure with these mercenary corps, earning gold and glory for themselves.

Please Note: Book has shelf wear.
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