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Mayfair Games 1835 Board Game

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Mayfair Games 1835 Board Game is a highly acclaimed game of railway building and share speculation is set in Germany. Each player learns what it is like to be a shareholder in railroad companies and aims at being the wealthiest player at the end of the game. Players that become directors of companies can manipulate their railroads, making their companies stronger and themselves rich-two things that do not always coincide. For 3 to 7 players, ages 16 and up. In 1835, the length of the railway system throughout Germany was a respectable six kilometers. Today's network consists of a good ten thousand times more. 1835 -- Move by move, the players open up the country, laying tracks and building stations. The trackssystem expands by leaps ands bounds while locomotives spout great clouds of steam. The boom begins with corporations sproiuting like mushrooms. Priveate railway companies build, the goverment takes a piece of the action, and director's positions change hands. Trains are sold at give-away prices, returns on invenestments plunge and new trains promise new profits. Components: 1 Map; 1 Share Price Index; 147 Tiles (hexes); 68 Share Cards; 33 Train Cards; 40 Company Tokens; 8 Large Company Sheet; 6 Small Company Sheets; Money; 1 Player Aid Sheet; 1 Wooden Marker; 1 Rulebook.
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